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Devious World

Game Description:

For most people, reality is a pretty firm concept. It’s a solid thing shared by everyone else, and a room painted blue will always be blue no matter which doorway you enter it through or who else is in the room with you or who walked through first, it won’t suddenly be red because you waited an hour before you went in.

And then for some people reality is a little different. Suffice to say, because you waited an hour, the room is not only no longer blue, the walls are covered in tentacles and now want to molest you. There, how’s that?

Become one of these weirdos and watch as reality bends around you, the mundane becoming strange, the strange fantastic, and the fantastic becomes lewd. Okay, that’s a lie, everything is lewd.‚Äč

  • Extract to desired location.
  • Click on "DeviousWorld[...].html" to start playing.
Happy Halloween~! There's a fair bit of Halloween to this update... or at least there's magic and demons and creepy places. And, y'know, a couple of bits at a Halloween party too. Getting to it: Devious World
  • Main: Jamie can decide to go through with streaming tomorrow.
  • Main: Buddy-Mai can join in with the cat-twins and Candy. She can also complain to Lizzie after getting centaurfied.
  • Main: Cyan has new options available in the VR app store.
  • Main: Monk Cyan can remain silent when her slaver captor offers the deal.
  • Main: Cyan can find a new item for sale on DeviList.
  • Main: Wilma has suggestions to explain the Beefy animatronic's "reaction" in the stables.
Devious Mundanity
  • Main: Michika can investigate the abandoned house for Professor Prism.
  • Main: Leo can veto continuing after Errin returns the favor.
  • Main: Michika can take action at her urgent situation after leaving Hexia's clinic.
Most of this month's work went into Cyan playing with her new magic book, a route with a lot of fun options and some fun new characters. Personally I think the most quality thing this month though is the Buddy-Mai centaur thing... it's a shame I only really got that in mind and set to it today, when time to release meant I couldn't keep rolling on it. But, hopefully I'll be able to keep momentum on it for this next month. Anyhoo!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 60.2 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).