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Desire Guardians

Game Description:

In Desire Guardians, you play as a young Black Man, moving to a small rural town in the middle of nowhere to start a new life for themselves.
However, in doing so, they end up getting roped into a metaphysical realm where the suppressed desires of the masses (so basically, their kinks) take on physical form, and need to be defeated before they turn dark and dangerous.

  • Extract and run.
A new Dungeon (The Temple of Man), A slight redesign to the dungeon menu to streamline it a bit, New After work events for Lani and Manny, A new mechanic for Manny at the bar and the mystery shop, New Submission events for Gwen, Julia, Lani, Manny, Magnus and Athena, Fixes to the Alpharena to make the final cup more accessable, and Buffs to Camilla to make her boss fight even harder!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 864.40 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).