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Demon Gods

Game Description:

I died and was reincarnated into a – wait no…

Welcome to Demon Gods, where you play as a recently deceased soul reincarnated by a goddess with a lack of empathy. Your task is simple: purify this world of corruption, but good luck with that. The goddess could care less about your success or failure.

This game is filled with moments that will (hopefully) make you laugh and others that will make you question your morals. There are also some very dark themes. You’ll meet a cast of characters with many layers, much like an ogre has layers.‚Äč

  • Extract the game (the rar package)
  • Open the html file in your browser of choice
New Content:
  • Not including pre-existing scenes that I added to or modified, this update comes with 61,388 new words. (I'm not sure how much of this is code). There are over 11,888 new lines of code in this update alone.
  • New settings menu.
  • Several new scenes mixed in with dungeon exploration.
  • New enemies.
  • Several new exploration events.
  • New tome to find and read.
  • Which means a new spell to unlock. (currently only usable in the brothel).
  • Lots of side scenes of varying length. Some are important!
  • Rewrote the final scene with Ephraim in the tavern as it felt a bit rushed and gave information too quickly. Moved some of what you discussed with him to the final confrontation with him.
  • All enemies now have a scene if you kill them instead of charming them, including the rare enemy.
  • Bestiary vol 2 can now be purchased, it now has content for all new enemies (except boss).
  • Several new images (non-lewd).
  • Replaced several old images with new ones.
  • Added more quest objectives to your notebook to help you with completing chapter 3. Fixed Bugs:
  • New and improved text size / color picker (now located in the settings menu).
  • Moved animations toggle to settings menu.
  • Moved your stats to the notebook tab.
  • Identified and fixed a bug where if you killed the Alraune's you could get trapped in a scene where you receive the thunder essence over and over.
  • Replaced the background image for the glass abyss.
  • I didn't like the floating orb goddess, so I've replaced her (again).
  • Minor adjustments to the mountains so it reflects their name.
  • Images now expand when clicked rather than on hover.
  • Removed multiple instances of your earth friends default names being displayed in game.
  • Added missing mountain enemies to Bestiary.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 518 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide