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Game Description:

2039, the giant sprawling city Zenon is in crisis because of tensions between humans and mutants over the exploitation of dark energy.
Cybercorp, a powerful organization is causing controversy by training mutant hunters with special methods.
Aline, just 18 years old, decides to leave the comfortable cocoon of the Alpha sector to immerse herself in a harder and more hostile world composed of the Beta, Gamma and Delta sectors.
Trained in martial arts and having passed her virtual police training with success, the brunette enters the city’s police force as well as a Rookie Slayer at Cybercorp.
Her naive vision of the world is about to change forever…as is her destiny, out of the ordinary.

  • Extract and run.
NEW CONTENT Main Story - Cyberslayers Mission with Aline and Kassiah in the Delta Sector, getting closer to the CORE - Dark Tunnel Area with 6 playgrounds : Core Seeds (Task) and repeatable scavenging (Junk, Dark Matter) and enemy known as The Grims - Battle vs The Grims with all scenes (Victory, Defeat, Dominated Victory, Corruption...) - Slayer Move new approach with Corruption Side Events - Dark Streets in downtown now open with Rising Star Studio Side Story : introducing new character Dan, sexy poses with 4 Photoshoots (Brown dress, bikinis) and TJ + BJ sex scenes + Undercover Mission - Stream Site Rising Star Studio evolving as you do events, featuring Aline and other models - Dark Streets Noodle Guy Event, repeatable with both Pure and Deviant Outfit : Groping, Fuck sex scenes Skills - Added Skill "Deep Mind" that allows Aline to read some perverted minds when they're horny - Changed Icons Color for Perception II and III - Skill "Innocent Doll" is no longer hidden in the Phantasm Skill Tree CHANGES Synch Option (in Option Menu) RPG Maker MV is constructed in a way where each update to its engine is done once per frame update. While this is normally fine, as many players view the game through 60 fps, some players experience the game differently as their hardware may run at higher than 60 fps. When RPG Maker MV version 1.1.0 is implemented, it implemented Galenmereth's fluid timestep, which forces the game to always play as if it is 60 fps. In practice, this is great for everybody because players that experience more 60 fps will be able to play the game as if it was 60 fps. However, there comes a problem when a player's hardware isn't strong enough to support RPG Maker MV natively at 60 fps (such as the case with older computers, or weaker mobile devices) or if the player is using vide recording software that goes below 60 fps. The game will appear laggy and jumping without good response rates from input commands or possibly even make the player miss out on certain visual frame updates. This Synch Option places a setting in the Options menu to enable or disable thefluid timestep addition and utilize the former RPG Maker MV engine updating function. This way, players will have the option of using fluid timesteps or opting to not use it instead of forcing it on everybody who may not be able to handle it. Lore Modification : -The Black sun Gang is now called "The White Scorpions or White Scorp." -The "Black Pig" establisment mentioned on the Stalker site is now properly called "The Blue Oyster" linked to the Police Side Mission -T-BOTS remastered Aline Version : Aline dialogs are now under the True Nature Trait at some point instead of Rape Fantasy (RF is still required to reach that stage) -Trog beating Aline scene during training : changed a picture when Aline is slapped, changed a line of dialog for Trog -Modified Innocent Doll Skill description -Modified Sexy Outfit Skills requirements and description / Bikinis require now Sexy Outfit II instead of Sexy Outfit III / Terms are more clear Bonds - To raise Bonds with Charlotte : do Metro Patrol as Police Officer to get Charlotte's attention 3 times, go to spar and accept charlotte challenge to get to lv2 bond. Now you can raise up to Bond Lv3 again by growing Charlotte's attention with metro mission again/ bloody rats event - Kassiah remains Lv1 bond until the new main story event in that update (Briefing with Aline and Bolton after Marak bein slain) / Talking to her during the lost souls fight and/or escaping the battle rise Kassiah's attention but not bond level Misc. CHANGES -Special and Dynamic Events are Purple -Special advanced events are Pink -Changed color for Metro Molester from Pink to Purple -Changed a line from Aline dialogs in Metro Introduction scene about the hotel -Changed colors for Arrogance/Submission choices in Metro Introduction scene -Skill Refund Maelion Avatar has been removed from the Hotel Room -Changed icons for navigation in Cybercorp extraction area -Renamed "Central District" to "Synthesis Room" in extraction area -Aline doing gym her first day at work is now mandatory before meeting McJohnson and going to Cybercorp -Added/Changed lines of dialogs during Kassiah Shower scenes after her defeat with Trog (Aline submits/resists versions) -Fred's theme is now playing when you return to the Hotel from Cybercorp -Changed Sound for Quest Launch "Rising Star Studio" -Changed a few lines in VOL during Seduction Pentagram for Sid -Changed Notification for Trats required to the Noodle Man Event -Reduced blackscreen wait for Rouge to appear before Marak - Added descriptive Icon "Food Waste" at Hotel Entrance - Added descriptive Icon "Tunnel" in the Fat Ghoul Lair - Added descriptive Icon "View' on Police Station Roof - Added a descriptive line for Charlotte when Aline lose to the thug in the Metro Mission - Added "Menu" choice during speech with Aline and Lucius introduction for Sexy Attitude I - Added a descriptive line "Garbage Street Corner" in Zone B51 during Aline & Kassiah mission - Added new dialogs for Groping Event on the crossroad - Added a descriptive line for "observe icon" in Cybercorp Floor I - Added a descriptive line for "Special Mission" on Synthesis Room Icon, to be more clear - Added descriptives lines for Rouge reaction to Aline in Cybercorp Tower Floor 0 Balance - Beating a lost soul as Aline solo in her Outfit Rank C now gives 2 hearts of Arrogance for green attack, 3 hearts of arrogance for orange attack and 4 hearts of arrogance for Overconfident victory (instead of 1/2/3 hearts) - SuperJump Bonus is available for both Brown/Blue outfit in the dark streets but reduced to 5 SEXP each instead of 10 - Slayer Moves victories now give 7 dark matter instead of 10 for Losts Souls / Marak / Grims Bugs -Fixed a variable with Aline Kata related to Charlotte's Bonds and her invitation to spar -Fixed a condition for Groping Event on the crossroad to happen again another day -Fixed a bug where the enemy attack icon for Lost Soul disappear when you don't have the required "sexy taunt skill" as Aline Solo -Fixed variable giving only 1 heart of arrogance against lost soul instead of 2 (now balanced) -Fixed "Sexy Taunt" missing icons when you don't have the skill yet against Marak Typos - Corrected a word in Seduction Pentagram for Sid (watching) - Corrected mispelling "Roger That" when talking to Claudia in Police HQ - Put right yellow color for Hidden Traits in dialogs (Police Vestiary) Sound Design - Coherent sound design for each distinct element : Hidden Trait growing sound
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 8.70 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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