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Cyber Fuck Dolls

Game Description:

In “Cyber Fuck Dolls,” you’ll take on the role of Chaos, a former soldier and current product tester for Spectre’s Inc., a megacorp. The game’s objective is to test a new product called Cyber Fuck Doll, a highly advanced cyborg designed to serve as a “pleasure/company doll” and soon to be sold worldwide. The game is set in Paradise City, where the dolls are still in alpha mode and require testing before being released. You’ll have the freedom to customize the dolls according to your preferences, from their appearance (body modification) to their behavior and responses. After Chaos fought and won a global conflict against a pandemic religion called ‘The Children of the Omega’, he thought his life would be peaceful as a product tester. However, he soon realizes that his past actions will come back to haunt him. The game features an original story with some parody elements from the cyberpunk universe.

  • Extract and run.
+2200 cg + 125 animations + some more characters and body modifications. So this is the changelog: 2220 new cg 125 new animation ( total animation files is 570 but, as you may know this doesn't reflect the reality, since every animation has 3 speeds and some more than 1 angle don't get fooled by this huge number if you go snooping on the folders) Tons of new music Several new events More bod modifications Ava stats cap is now 40 Mimi has main events (lust, corruption, obedience, love) New way of displaying quests and everything! new ui new shit all over New characters: LUNA - some maniac slut TWINS Rina and Risa - Kudos to overwatch78 for the request! Thank you brother! Osiris - some AI slut Some side characters Some parody girls just making a one time visit to come back on 0.3: Rita Wheeler Gillean Jordan Now some stuff I had to cut because I didn't liked the result: MIMI has a bimbo mode that I deeply disliked and I'll update that on 0.3 Ava bimbo - 2 scenes Ava pet play 2 scenes Mimi dominatrix - 1 scene xray vision - 1 scene see how other NPC like MC besides the dolls - to be implemented! This version might let you down because I made more story and less side scenes, but then again there is a lot to see! Maybe I didn't produced your favorite tag that much but I'll on 0.3!!!!
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 4.97 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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