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Corruption of Champions II

Game Description:

There are many, many worlds.

One, called Mareth, was perhaps the heart of them all. Cracks in the space between worlds, called portals, all seemed to lead there. Many portals led to Mareth, but none left it.
One sacrifice came from the village of Ingnam. This so-called ‘Champion’ was but a pawn in the village elders’ long plot to extend their lives, but the Champion escaped her fate by beating back the demons’ minions waiting on the other side of the portal, and set out on a one woman crusade to bring an end to the Demon menace once and for all. That was a year ago, and a world away.

You have never heard of a world called Mareth, nor a village named Ingnam. Nearly a year ago, you set off on your own, leaving your former life behind to seek your fortunes on the wild frontier – a year of traveling, exploring, fighting, and surviving alone. You’ve earned yourself a little coin in your travels, enough to book passage to the furthest reaches of the known world: the Frost Marches.​

Prequel: Corruption of Champions

  • Extract and click the .exe
  • OR
  • Click the link
  • You can now reach Level 7! This level comes with TWO new perks for each class — you’ll pick between one of the options when you level up, or when you switch classes if you’re already Level 7.
  • If you encounter Gytha in the Frostwood, you can now confront her more properly. Might be for her own good that she not stay free…
  • After having done Calise’s first quest and cleared the ghosts out of Etheryn’s basement, you can now head out on Etheryn’s personal quest ‘The Demon of Ice.’ Return to the Palace of Ice’s temple, where you normally meet Elthara, to catch a ride to the dungeon. This is a Level 7 quest.
    • Before you get to the dungeon there’s a travel sequence where you can interact and potentially bone down with some new and some returning characters. Personally I suggest bringing Arona on the quest — she loves big boats and she cannot lie. If you have Ashe’s Mace, she’ll have some things to say during the dungeon too!
    • The dungeon includes several new items, new obtainable powers (especially if you’re a Mirror Mage!), a new summon, and a bad end. There’s also up to two characters you can throw in your Wayfort’s dungeon if you want (and have built it, naturally).
  • After having finished the quest, a certain Companion will be able to relieve a certain accursed problem she’s been having, which unlocks changes in all of her existing sex scenes and grants access to entirely new scenes.
  • If said Companion is at negative Confidence or you upgrade your relationship at the end of the quest, you can optionally reapply said problem after talking to her post-quest for kinky fun.
  • New Busts: all the new RynQuest NPCs, updated Ryn busts post-quest, one other surprise elf’s updated bust for the quest.
  • I wrote everything in this quest EXCEPT some scenes for said surprise elf, which were done by Fleep. Big ups to him for pitching in.
  • Balak’s finished his final major round of combat system updates to go along with Level 7. Here’s the lowdown
  • Consumables that grant beneficial combat effects like Naptha and Brazenberry Ale can be used outside of combat, though only one may be active at a time per character before combat.
  • Sexiness has received several changes:
    • 1.) It’s no longer tied to tease accuracy 2.) It’s been uncapped 3.) Leadership now increases ally sexiness 4.) Presence now increases it by 2 per point 5.) It’s now a flat increase to damage amplification (the same way Attack Power and Spellpower work)
  • Flare, Frost Arrow, Overchanged, Blue Flame Blade, Charge Weapon, Song of Storms, Elemental Fury, and Arcanist’s Blessing all now have a base number that scales off of spellpower, rather than just being spellpower (that was occasionally divided by some other arbitrary number)
  • Several combat effects are no longer have additive durations (meaning repeat application resets/maximizes duration when applying a new version of the same effect, rather than adding the current and new durations together)
  • Assassinate gets +100 Armor Penetration too, now
  • Holy Shock and Power Wave have gotten slight increases in base values to accommodate the other changes
  • Chrysanthemum Petal no longer grants Blessed. Instead, it increases crit effectiveness by 50 AP.
  • Easy mode can always successfully flee from a fight
  • Caranbrot now shields for an amount equal to your toughness/2 rather than the dealt damage / 2
  • Dawnsword’s Deflection ability got major buffs.
  • Razorcup Nectar now grants a boon
  • The Poisoned condition now reduces evasion by 10
  • Stylish now adds triple one’s level to sexiness
  • Imps got an agility buff and a health nerf
  • The witch outfit can spawn at level 1 now
  • Gweyr Quest 1’s infinite enemies now scale the more of them you fight. Enjoy a fight where the number you defeat actually means something, everyone!
  • A bunch of new items have been added, to be found at Leorah, Kohaku, Ogrish, or Nelia, depending on the item, alongside a new unique added to Vit’s special stock
  • Ley Crystal Grenades have been buffed
  • Blessed now gives +100 sexiness
  • Spirit Veil’s shield has had its base value increased from 10 to 20
  • Dischord now properly hits the whole enemy party with its stagger
  • Smite Evil’s heal now scales
  • Nerfs to: Royal Leathers, Titanic Hat, Control Rod, and Galon’s Griefmaker
  • Adjusted some of the Corrupted Dawnsword’s numbers down
  • Slight damage nerf to Corrupted Dawnsword’s summon
  • Immolation got nerfed because jesus fuck that was way too much burn damage AND CC on top of that
  • Eve gets some additional benefits as she improves
  • Kas got relevant level 7 perks and a few other buffs
  • Flametongue (Agni’s At-Will) now scales off of presence and spellpower
  • Agni got a minor decrease in flame resistance
  • Cauterize (Agni’s recharge healing power) now does 5 fire damage (before resists) to targets before healing is applied
  • Ancestor’s Judgement (Tui recharge power) now properly scales
  • Base Arona’s Amazon Strike (AKA Dominance) has been relaced with Shield Drive
What is NOT in this patch:
  • Updated talks post-quest with Etheryn and Daliza (Very Soon!)
  • Having Lumia unlock Etheryn’s cage (Soon!)
  • A use for a certain crystal you can optionally acquire in Daliza’s basement (Soon!)
  • New REPEATABLE threesomes with Etheryn and anybody else (Not Very Soon!)
  • Content with any capturable NPCs in the dungeon (Not Very Soon!)
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 452.5 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

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