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Captain Lance

Game Description:

You play as Sarah Lance (first name is chosen) who just graduated from a university in the Year 2476. Humanity discovered the stars with the help
of a discovery long time ago. Humanity is now divided into races who needs your help now more than ever.
This galaxy withholds dangers and mysteries to solve but also romance and wonders to see…‚Äč

Old save files might not work as intended (before 25.1). Read developer notes for details.

  • Extract and run the .exe (Windows), .sh (Linux) , .py(MacOS)
What's new for me might not be for you so, let's start with what is definitely new: - New Gallery for achievements (tested, 80%) - New Extra Scene gallery (canon, not canon images of any kind) Refer to one of my posts here: You can comission one if you want to do so, everything is detailed there - Fixed bugs / quality concerns - Achievements persistency / acquirablity and rewards - Removed Diary (Will be replaced either later but different) - Black Regiment 2nd Campaign mission was just a static talk, without seeing the person - Missing "News" segment for Chapter 03 - Isabelle's deal has an updated sex scene with one animation (!!) each gender (1 futa, 1 lesbian) [Original scene can be viewed via Extra Scenes] - Helena's last event (aka chapter 02) got the same treatment also 1 futa and 1 lesbian animation] - Awaiting feedback for the last two scenes - [TECHNICAL] Changed game versioning to semantic versioning (MAJOR.MINOR.BUGFIX), minor is still kind of represents the game as a % completion - Game should not be open world, instead a small "hub" window shows all possible events/stories (always keep an eye out) What's not 100% new: - Added content: - It was part of a release (Either 0.70P2 or not at all), called "Onsen" series (Can be seen during Chapter 03, under bondings and Linette) - A new character (first must meet her in chapter 02 and there is one more scene in chapter 03) - New small events for each characters (bonding), will be expanded - Small sequence with Annie of the Weldd (opens different exploration-type stories) - Politics story-chain - Some extra scenes and missing achievement images PRE-RELEASE-2 (Current) - ADDED 2 Erotic Career scene - ADDED A scene for Vivienn (NSFW) - ADDED A scene for Linette (NSFW) - Both of these scenes have a similar undertone - ADDED Helena's original scenes are now visible through Extra menu - ADDED 3 New achievemnts with variations (eg: you can accept blood mars as ally or decline) - ADDED A scene with all of the LIs and planning for future content - FIXED Variable declaring (we should no longer need new game) - FIXED Bundle Size is now MUCH Smaller without losing quality (5% is nothing) - FIXED An issue where if you have not met Katarina Chapter 03 story will make no sense - FIXED An issue with Fast Start, had no options to meet Katarina - UPDATE Renpy is now 8+ as compared to early 7. This means I have a more stable version. You shouldn't feel the difference
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 1.02 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide