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Beyond Tomorrow

Game Description:

‘Beyond Tomorrow’ is an immersive game that revolves around the journey of a 20-year-old protagonist who lives with his mother and sister. Despite his father’s absence in his life, he manages to lead a joyful and contented existence. However, the tranquility is abruptly shattered when he wakes up one morning to discover that his life has been plunged into utter chaos. His mother falls gravely ill, compelling him to make a vow to do whatever it takes to help her. In this poignant narrative, our protagonist is thrust into the role of a responsible individual, despite still being young, and although he appears to have everything under control, life’s unpredictable nature often challenges his perceived mastery.​

  • Extract and run.
As I have already mentioned in the last few days, some stuff has been changed in Ch1. The intention at the beginning was to release Ch1 one more time due to the Ren'Py update and old saves not working. That means you have to play Ch1 one more time, but don't worry, it's not going to be a waste of time... Dialogue: Some of you already know that I have spent the last two days rewriting the whole chapter. When I was creating Ch1 for the first time, I wrote everything in my language, then translated and proofread. I always had the feeling that the whole game was like a script. It didn't look natural to me, and the characters were talking like robots. What is different this time is that I have written everything one more time, but directly in English. Despite the fact that I wasn't really satisfied with everything, I accepted it because 99% of players told me "it's really well written". The truth is that I thought about it many times after the first release until I really opened Ch1 once again and tried to improve everything. The story hasn't been changed; everything is the same. I just put my own words into dialog. I already have some feedbeck, and they told me two things: 1. It's a lot better. 2. It's more natural. So, I achieved what I wanted, I guess. Anyway, you guys know that I'm not an English-speaking person. If you find any mistakes or problems, feel free to report them to me. I'm always willing to fix it because I really care to deliver the best results Scenes: First change: I have removed the third choice from the scene when MC is leaving the hospital. Right now, you've only got two options: Walk home or Take the bus Second change: MC and Samantha in the kitchen (fingering); this short scene is removed. I have seen a few players point out that it's kind of weird because there is serious talk about mom, and after a few minutes they are kissing and doing some sh*t like that. The reason I created this scene is that I just wanted to stop that serious talk and do something more "funny". I had the feeling that it was too much with that talk about mom and everything, but now I see it quite differently. After all, it's still more depressing than funny, so... There is probably no reason to stop Third change: the futa/trans scene is REMOVED. The reason is that I was watching gameplay from my game, and I find quite a lot of things weird, especially this scene. At the time I was creating this scene, I was probably emotionally drained by all that stuff about Lily, and naturally I needed to create something funny. From my point of view, it's just a funny story about Martin. No offense, no attack, nothing else—just a joke. Don't worry, the scene has been replaced with something more friendly Menu, the gallery etc: Yes, the game has a new menu, and even though it's not really hard to create something like I did, I'm proud of it. It looks good. The gallery is also going to be added to the new version of Ch1. There isn't actually any custom render, but I will add some after Ch2 is released. Another small change to the game is the textbox. I stick to the default one; it looks better. Videos: The videos and lag are the main reasons why I updated Ren'py. Some people told me that it's caused by the old version of the engine, and after an update, it's going to be fixed. Well, I don't think so. Videos are still laggy as hell. I tried to create a new videos at 30 fps, but I don't think that lag was removed. At least for me, it's still a problem. So... Basically, just let me know if something has changed, at least on your side.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 2.25 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).