Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery porn xxx game download cover

Ballad of Outstanding Bimbo Sorcery

Game Description:

There are two types of people : the one who fucks, and the one who are fucked.
Meet Lothar, who just became a fully fledged Mage, specialized in body transformation; and Illonia, a busty mage that relies more on her body than her magic to end combats. With their respective talents they can safely roam in this sex-crazed world, in search of new partners to follow them in their orgiac adventures ! Make your enemies succumb to their primal lust by altering bodies to their liking and fuck your way through. Or just let them have the upper hand, and who knows ? Maybe they’ll be worth the shot.
But in the end, only you can really decide who will be part of the fun.
(Previous title : Here comes the Messer, so no one gets confused)

  • Extract and run.
-New huge maps to dicover, on the northern part of the forest. -4 New characters to meet (2 duo), with a lot of options on how you'll interact with them (no scenes with them yet though) -A new mechanic : Faction Allegiance. Depending on your actions, The bandits and goblins could like you more or less. And there'll be some consequences in the fights -New items for Illonia : Dildos. You'll get them by completing quests. There's currently 3 of those ! -A bit of a continuation of a main quest, and new side quest related to the new characters. -New quest types : Slut challenges. If you saved Elleria, go talk to her after Illonia has been transformed, she'll give some fun challenges. -New short animations of enemies groping Illonia or Lothar. If you have high allegiance with a faction, mobs of this faction will start to use those attacks. -New masturbation animations for Illonia's new body. They'll change depending on the Dildo she have equipped, and the active transformations on her. -New post-combat scenes when using transformations, for Illonia's new body. Those are complete new scenes, not just the old scenes with the new model. -New short scenes, that you'll find while exploring the new maps. -New short scenes in the elf's house, unlocked as you complete slut challenges. -20 new pics to find and buy from the gnome. -Changed the music for the first forest portions. The 45s loop was quickly getting annoying. -Fixed a bug where opening 10 gold purse would only give you the content of 5 of them (while consuming all 10) -Slightly improved the gold you can get in gold purses and added more of those, to avoid too much grind if you want all the pics from the gnome. -Added a few new event after defeating the ogre, so there's a better flow and you always have a quest objective telling you what to do. -Added three new standalone scenes in the camps. -Fixed a bug where lewd sounds would continue even after a scene was done (there might be some scenes that I missed, report it to me) -Made a compressed and a regular version for the PC -The usual bugfixes and changes here and there.
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 5.13 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).