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Game Description:

The manifestation of hatred, lust and corruption has spread across the entire planet like a plague; erasing memories, twisting identities and mutating every living thing in it’s path. As the last of the free races band together to hold it back from northern Auvora, frightened refugees flee to the southwest for safety…‚Äč

  • Download Zip File Containing: AMS (current version), READ ME, Quest Installation (v0.57).
  • Extract All
  • Install Quest Software (if you don't already have it)
  • Run AMS (current version).
Bug Fixes/Changes - I have fixed the size of Nieva's picture :) It was a liiiiittle too big. Sorry about not catching that. - I have increased the game's basic font size from 11 to 12. Hopefully that helps a bit with people who have trouble reading the smaller text. 12 is pretty standard print but if it proves to be too big, I may have to reduce it once more. - I have changed the game font from Palintino Linotype to Times New Roman. It might make everything easier to read ^_^ - I have modifed/rewritten several areas of the in-game 'Help Guide' so that's it completely up-to-date with the current interation of the game. The biggest overhaul has been to the Rest Command obviously since it was recently remastered. Another big change was to the Weather-Seasons-Time of Day-Locations option. I've added Seasons to it and reorganized the information. I might add the Skill-Tree Tiers in the next update as well. - I have increased the opening dialogue crawl from 80ms to 125ms. - I have removed two variables from the game that weren't really contributing anything and I figured out better ways to go about implementing these particular aspects. One was regarding whether or not you could Rest and use the Trap Command to go fishing. And the second was about indicating whether a room was labeled as a watersource. Pretty useless since if I want to create a water source, I will add it to a room. The more objects to interact with, the better. - Fixed this error with the Rest Command, Shelter Category, {color:ivory:Then again, you could change your mind and go do something else entirely if you desire. <--- just a missing bracket. - Fixed this error with the Rest Command, Shelter Category, {if game.ndcyle=3: even more so right now in the middle of the night}. - Fixed an error with the Rest Command, Construct a Rain Catch Category not showing up at all. - Fixed an error with the Rest Command, Scavenge for Supplies Category: Error running script: Error compiling expression 'aaleahyascav = True': Unknown object or variable 'aaleahyascav' - Fixed an error with the Rest Command, Build a Fire Category. It wasn't displaying text like it should be. - Fixed an error with the Rest Command, Build A Trap Category where text was not properly showing up as it's supposed to when choosing certain options. - Fixed an error with the Rest Command, Scavenge for Supplies Category where the game thinks that Aaleahya is with you even when she is not. - Fixed this error: Error running script: Function not found: 'NightTravelWT' -- when trying to travel at night. This was some old code on the unfinished rooms in Chapter 2. - Fixed an error where you couldn't move back East after moving West (from the Winding Wood to the Rocky Cliffsides, and then back to the Winding Wood) in Chapter 2. - Companions can now recover anywhere between 1-3 Health if you do not send them off with the Rest Command, Scavenge Supplies Category in Chapter 2. - Fixed this bracket area in the Rest Command, Scavenge Supplies Category: {once:{color:crimson:Warning}: - I cleaned up some of the code for the Rest Command, obviously the first time through I missed a couple of small things but that should all be taken care of now. It works as intended but that doesn't mean I haven't missed something. If you see an error or something wonky, please report it so I can take care of it. - Fixed the Waterhole not displaying it's Verbs properly in both Summer and Winter Seasons. - I have reduced the sheer size of all the music in the game greatly reduced the file sizes of each (which means less load times for Quest). This should shrink the game size down as well. My ultimate goal being to upload the game back on the Quest Website so Mac users can play once more but it'll take time to compress images/music one by one. - I added the "Warrior/Knight" event to a new library which will be a Compilation of the game's 1st set of events in Chapter 2: The Pebble and the Pond. So after the completion of an event, I will add it to that library. This reduces the stress put on Quest as the game grows larger. - Fixed a small bracket error in the Calendar command. - I have separated Relationships into a new command and removed that section from the Character Stats. In addition, I revamped the Relationship descriptions which now only displays relevant information like what your Relationship levels are, if your friendship is maxed, if you've kissed or had sex and what their Orientations are. It will also display if that character is deceased now which will replace all that information with a simple "Deceased" status. I also created two categories within this section: Acquaintances: For all the major NPCs you meet. Companions: For all the Companions that become part of your journey. - The Player's Orientation is now displayed in the Personal Information category within the Character Stats Page. - Corruption is now displayed in the Personal Information category within the Character Stats Page and is no longer found along the top of the screen. I removed it simply because Corruption isn't game ending anymore so there's no need to worry that much about it. - I have recentered the Player's Health and Gold since removing Corruption from the field made it all wonky looking and off to the side of the Quest box. Seems a lot less congested as a result. - I removed Save from the top right corner of the game's interface and replaced it with Relations. - I updated the Player Interface HUD explanation for New Player's since Corruption was removed and Save was removed and replaced with Relations. - I created a stylized Relations font for the Relations command. - Added a Skills Tab in the Player Interface which will allow the Player's to check their Starting Skills and any Skills Earned after that. This Skills Tab will also give the Player access to the Skill Tree and will display their current Stats so they don't have to keep swapping back and forth between menus. - I moved the Patreon Unlocked Codes to the Stats Tab and out of the Player's Description. - The Skill Tree has been remade into a Command so it can be recalled again and again without the Player having to go into the Skills Tab everytime they want to check something. - The Player's description now has larger font for easier reading. - Fixed several errors regarding the changes made to the Skills and the Skill Tree. - The Skills Tab has it's own title now. Game Expansion - Event: "Warrior Memory Loss" has been written and is fully coded into the game. You can encounter this event by heading EAST from the Winding Wood room of Chapter 2 in any scenario. - Event: "Shadows in the Trees" has been written and is fully coded into the game. You can encounter this event by heading SOUTHEAST from the Winding Wood room of Chapter 2 in any scenario. - Event: "Robbery" has been mostly written but is not coded into the game yet. - I've begun writing for another Event called "Cabin". This event is at the beginning stages of description and therefore isn't coded into the game yet. - Several Interface/HUD changes. Sex - New Blow Job Scene added for Males and Females with the Knight/Warrior Scenario. Travel Chapter 2: The Pebble and the Pond Event 1: The Warrior's Memory Loss Location: ROCKY CLIFFSIDES (EAST) Summary: You can choose to investigate the sounds of struggle... [STAT/STORY SPOILERS] Season, Weather, Time of Day Variables INVESTIGATE YES TIRE OUT INTRODUCE YOURSELF Event Ends. -5 Corruption +3 Resist +1 Intelligence COME ONTO HIM Event Ends. Dominant Mood based Sexy: GO THROUGH WITH IT Blow Job Sex Scene Submissive/Dominant Variants +3 Resist +2 Sexy Dominant Mood Point + New Quest: The Knight's Medallion NO, BACK Out No Sex. +3 Resist Sympathy: No Sex. -5 Health +2 Resist -3 Corruption Sarcasm: No Sex. Fight Ensues. (see knight stats below) Serious: No Sex. +3 Resist -2 Health -3 Corruption THREATEN HIM Dominant Mood Based. Sexy/Sarcasm/Serious Moods - knight battle. (see knight stats below). Sympathy Mood - No fight. +1 Resist. LEAVE Event Ends. +1 Resist. LEAVE Events Ends: +1 Resist. APPROACH ANYWAY Event Ends. Dominant Mood Based. 1) If Resist greater than 0 -5 Resist -10 Health -5 Corruption 2) If Resist is 0. -10 Health -3 Maximum Health -5 Corruption. NO Event Ends. Gains/Loses Nothing. [/STAT/STORY SPOILERS] Chapter 2: The Pebble and the Pond Event 2: The Shadow in the Trees Location: WEST BYWAY (SOUTHEAST) Summary: While out looking around your temporary camp, something catches your attention... [STAT/STORY SPOILERS] Season, Weather, Time of Day Variables This is one of the smaller events (3k words) that takes into account several factors which will decide whether or not you will proceed on with the next section of the event. You start with a base 60% chance of success. Having a Hunter or Explorer Background will earn you an additional 15%. JuggleSkill also factors in; 2 to 3 will give you a +3% chance, 4 to 6 will give you a +6% and 7 to 10 will give you a +9% chance. In addition, Intelligence plays a role too, 5 to 6 will give you an addition +3%, 7-9 will grant a +6%, 10-13 will grant a +9% and finally 14 to 30 will earn you a +15%. If the Weather is raining you will lose a -10% chance toward success and a -15% if it's Storming. Every other Weather will give you a +5%. *There is no penalty for Failing the Check.* SUCCESS INVESTIGATE Investigation Scenario. No Loot +1 of 3 Toward Event. (hidden counter). GIVE CHASE Give Chase Scenario. No Loot. -1 to 4 Health Loss +2 of 3 toward event (hidden counter). QUICKLY LEAVE Quickly leave scenario. No Loot. +0 of 3 toward event (hidden counter). FAILURE The Player fails to notice something important and merely returns to the room's origins which is a large rooted tree. [/STAT/STORY SPOILERS] Event 3: The Robbery Location: MIDDLE FORK (SOUTH) Summary: As you trudge through the forest, you suddenly hear a call for help. Could this possibly be a trap, or perhaps a person in distress? Depending on several variables you can investigate this scene or ignore it entirely. Will you report it to the guards later on? Or will you leave the person or people to their fate? Be careful because danger lurks around every corner. Patreon/Patron/SubcscribeStar/Twitter - Added Artusic to the Help Guide, Thank You Page. I appreciate your donation! Thank you so much! :D Hope we get to talk more. - The Patreon Codes have changed. If you need the new one's just PM me and I'll be happy to give them to you ^_^ Other - I have created the skeleton code for the Major Room Events in the following rooms of Chapter 2: East Byway Warrior - Completed Escapee ((Zombie)) Rocky Cliffsides Shadow Alaraune ((GRaid)) Middle Fork Robbery Old Hag ((Religious)) Canopy Pass Abandoned Scientist ((Bee-Taur)) Hyhot Pass Rockslide Drider ((Goblin)) *My idea is to get at least 2 Major Events written and coded for every room before moving onto the next set of rooms beyond the first six of Chapter 2. The Major Events in parenthesis will come later on or as extras when I have extra time (for example, lying down and unable to sleep or needing to break up what I'm working on). So, ideally the end goal is to have 3 Major Events for every Event Room.* - The Rocky Cliffsides of Chapter 2 has recieved a description revamp and a general description revamp that now includes all Weather and Seasonal patterns for all Times of Day. This will hopefully help the room feel alive. I've also done my best to blend in the Warrior Event into arriving into this room. This means essentially you enter the room, you get a lay out of the area and then the Warrior Event starts (or one of the others once they are written). Concluding the event or leaving it prematurely will place the player, back into the Rocky Cliffsides (or the corresponding rooms for the other events). - I have completely revamped the Enemy Creation scripts. Originally, I had Monster type, Zombie type and then Male/Female types all of which were separate and would be inherited by monsters created in game. BUT that was only for that one type of Monster. You can imagine how difficult it was to create a Monster in that format. So what I did was I eliminated the Zombie type and added all of the prerequisites from it to the Monster type. From there, I created a Male/Female Human type --- which means all they had to inherit was the Monster type. After that, I completely adjusted all of the Male/Female script dictionaries and string dictionaries so that when I create a Male/Female human enemy character they will have randomized descriptions and weapons. I also adjusted their attack scripts but haven't done so for the Player's Attacks yet. But yeah, I just made it like 90% easier to create different enemy types and it should be fairly quick and easy (about an hour) of adjusting for all the different races in game. I did this in the wake of creating the knight as an enemy and realized I still have to do this for the Cow-Taur race since we have a Minotaur in the game that rarely gets seen by the Player. But anyway! Super exciting! - New Enemy added: Strange Knight. You will encounter this Enemy if you provoke the knight during the Rocky Cliffsides "Warrior Memory Loss" Event. He's incredibly tough and all of the following information is halved because he's completely exhausted during the encounter. Obviously, the Noble Difficulty version of him is the canon version. Regular Difficulty Attack: 10 damage per attack. Health: 150 Defense: 1 Lust: 0 Noble Difficulty Attack: 15 damage per attack. Health: 300 Defense: 1 Lust: 0 Special Attacks- The knight's two special attacks are based on chance. Here's are variables that affect the chances of these attacks successfully proccing. He starts off with a base success of 80%. The first thing taken into account is Player Agility; Agility between 41-50 = -45%, 40-31 = -35%, 30-21 = -25%, 20-11 = -15% and 10-1 = -5%. Next, Player Specialities are taken into account; Warrior At Heart and Dancer Specialities will take away -10%. And then Player Backgrounds are taken into account; Tavern Bouncer, Thief and Guardsman will subtract another -10%. If the chances proc successfully, then it's a 50% chance which of the knight's special abilities will be chosen; Tire Out or Backhand. Tired Out: If the knight's special attack chances fail to proc, this ability is automatically chosen, in which the knight will display extreme fatigue and will essentially forfeit his turn, meaning the Player in this instance gets a free attack. This ability does no damage and has no debuffs. Backhand: This ability is a powerful attack that can still be dodged depending on the Player's stats but if it strikes the Player, they will lose -20 Health instantly in Noble Difficulty but only -10 Health in Regular Difficulty. However, if you have the Badass Tank speciality or 3 Defense or better, you will automatically gain +5 Health back. Like with all enemies, the Player is free to run away at anytime they see fit. However, in this particular instance, the knight will disappear if you leave the area and try to come back later. This is because it's assumed he wanders off (in the six hour timespan between coming and going), much like how he was when the Player first encounters him. - The East Byway of Chapter 2 has recieved a description revamp and a general description revamp that now includes all Weather and Seasonal patterns for all Times of Day. I've also done my best to blend in the Shadow in the Trees Event into arriving into this room. Concluding the event or leaving it prematurely will place the player, back into the East Byway (or the corresponding rooms for the other events). - Aaleahya's Health has been reduced, from 30 to 10. She also has a Maximum Health of 10 which can be raised via Questing, same as the Player. This will be implemented later (probably by the next update).
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 60.9 MB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).