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A Tale of One City

Game Description:

A Tale of One City is a sandbox game with many characters to interact and locations to visit and explore. The game has some RPG elements as well that you will get to build up your stats and gain perks as well. With more stats and perks, more opportunity will be open to players.
The Story takes place in a coastal city, where a young man who just graduated a college is about to start his career as a business man. Business career aside, the city is full of potential for this young man’s adventure.‚Äč

  • Extract and run.
1. Story Event - 3 new story events - Chloe and her bestie Cassidy 2. Talk dialogues - Basic talk dialogues for 3 characters - Tori, Cherry, Kyley 3. Reward rework update - 8 old reward events (1) Jen (weekend day time date) (2) Jen in her bathroom (weekday early morning) (3) Jen in her room (weekday late afternoon) (4) Tori in MC's room (night time) (relax, game, webcam, work - Random trigger) (5) Tori in beach house bedroom (day time) (6) Tori in beach house (day time drive) (7) Tori in garage (day time drive) (8) Tori at park (weekend afternoon talk) 4. Stat-cap tweak 1) +5 in Cherry's 7th event 2) +5 each in Kimmy's 2nd, 4th, and 5th event 3) +5 in Chloe's 5th event 4) +5 in Tori's 3rd and 4th event 5) +25 in company 11th event 6) Finally (in this version), +25 in company 50th event 5. Bugfix 1) Tori's 1st Event Bug (Stat Cap Bug) 2) Tori in the livingroom (weekday late morning) Reward Bug 3) Acre Street Ice Cream Sub Character Mindy's 4th Event Bug
  • Dual Core Pentium or equivalent Processor.
  • Intel HD 2000 or equivalent Graphics.
  • 19.8 GB of free disk space (Recommended to have twice as much free disk space than this).

Walkthrough and Guide


1. Energy System:

You start with fairly small amount of max energy. However, as you start to gain strength stat, you will get to earn perks at certain points (25, 50, 100, 150, 200 - so far the first perk is implemented v0.2).
Those perks will increase the max energy and may give you other options in the game.

Moving to a different locations does not consume your energy if it is within an area. However, if you move to different location (e.g: Dale street to Downtown) it consumes 2 energy. In the future, vehicles will be added in the game and it will reduce the amount of consumed energy.

There are actions that refills your energy in different locations. While 'sleep' refill you the full energy, other options will give you 1 or 2 energy. Some might cost money (such as eating in the restaurant or buying coffee).

2. Stats

Different stats gives you different bonuses and unlocks certain options in the game. These stats are capped to certain points and they will be gradually increased with updates.

a) Strength stat increases your max energy while unlocking certain options in the gym, beach, and etc. In the future, it might give different options. This stat can be increased by doing jogging in the park, swimming in the beach, and etc.

b) Intelligence stat increases your basic daily earning. Not only that, some events require certain level of intelligence stats. It can be increased by studying in the library.

* Your basic means to earning in the game is by working in the company. It gives you fixed amount daily (as long as you worked on that day). There is another hidden stat 'Job accomplishment'. It is stacked as you do the action 'work'. By reaching the requirements, it will automatically promote you in the company with event. By climbing up the ladder, you will get more opportunities in the game.

Although, the game does not have a promotion event just yet, the upcoming update (v0.3) is focused on the first phase of your company life.

c) People Skill will give you relationship bonus with basic interaction with other characters. By gaining perks, it will increase the bonus amount. In addition, it is required in some events. As you progress through Cherry events, you will get to earn all the people skill stat you need for the beginning phase of the game.

d) Attractiveness stat will be needed in future events and will play some important role (e.g increasing chance to be successful in random events). However, it is not implemented yet. It is expected to be implemented in v0.5 or Summer update.

3. Tips on starting

As you start the game, you won't see much things to do except goint to work and interacting with Jen and Tori. As there aren't much contents with Jen, you will pretty much interact with Tori and go to work to earn your pays. On Saturday of your first week, Cherry's prologue will automatically play that gives you access to Cherry and Kyley. By progressing, Cherry's storyline, you will get to go further in Tory's storyline.

When you go to Cherry's house (in Dale Street), the park between your street and Dale street can be used to save energy and time as it consumes none.
If you want to fast-run with Cherry's event, you can sleep in the guestroom in her house.

Other than character events, you have other random events in certain locations. Although 'check out girls' event is only giving you disappointing first phase (you will get to do what you want as your character grows in the near future), red light district events is fully implemented with v0.2.

We are aware that there are many different ideas in time & energy management system. We will be tweaking them with upcoming updates upon hearing all your concerns.